Ben R. Atkinson

Writer, Musician & Presenter

Previous Work

Below you will find an overview of Ben Atkinson’s previous work, including graphic design, web design and development, and animation. You can also find a full list of credits. Each page is accessible from the ‘Read More’ link, so you can find out more about each topic.

A graphic showing a phone and a number of colour swatch cards, promoting Ben Atkinson's previous work in graphic design.

Graphic Design

Ben has worked on graphic design commissions for clients in the UK and around the world to produce posters, brochures and marketing material for a variety of audiences. His main focus over the years has been the creative arts and he has been lucky enough to get to work with a number of theatre groups to design for such productions as ‘The King and I’, ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ and ‘Oliver!’.

A still from The Cheese Thief animation, showing all the characters and promoting Ben Atkinson's previous work in short film and animation.

Short Film and Animation

Over the last several years, Ben has experimented on a number of occasions with short film and animation. He’s been a fan of animation for as long as he can remember, an is an avid fan of the work of Pixar Animation Studios and the British Aardman Animation in particular. Studying both Media Production and Digital Media, Ben was introduced to they key concepts of creative animation early on and brought his passions for script writing and radio together to create something more visual on the screen.

A graphic of digital lines and shapes, promoting Ben Atkinson's previous work in web design and development.

Web Design and Development

Ben has been working as a web designer for many years, in fact, it’s where his love his digital technology began. For four years after graduating from the University of Lincoln, Ben was self-employed running his own design agency, Tall Lime Ltd, through which he had the opportunity to work with clients in the UK and overseas.

An illustration of the Bailgate, Lincoln, promoting Ben Atkinson's previous writing and presenting credits.

Writing and Presenting Credits

On this page, you will find a list of all Ben’s writing and presenting credits to date. Where possible, they are listed in date order.