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Welcome to the website of Ben R. Atkinson. Ben is a writer, musician, and presenter who can be heard broadcasting on radio stations around the world, is known for his novels, radio dramas, and who writes and performs his own music in the country/folk genre. Ben is currently studying for his PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Lincoln in the UK.

As a presenter, Ben is a familiar voice on independent radio across the UK and internationally, having hosted his syndicated radio programme, Ben’s Country Music Show, since 2008; the show now being broadcast on stations in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. Starting his radio journey as a teenager, Ben trained at the University of Lincoln, graduating with a BA(Hons) in Media Production and an MA in Digital Media. He then went on to be part of the prestigious BBC Production Talent Pool, where he honed his craft with placements at BBC Local Radio and the World Service.

Ben’s love of music started at an early age, and he was encouraged to pick up the guitar by his primary school music teacher. Since then, he has discovered that music runs in the family, with a piano teacher, two opera house orchestra musicians, and an armed forces band member in his family tree. Ben developed a love for American roots music, including country, blues,, and Americana early on and later taught himself to play the mandolin. In 2020, during the lockdown, Ben recorded and produced his debut album, Cold Hard Shoulder, which consists of songs written over the past decade as well as new songs composed during the COVID-19 pandemic. A second album will be released on the eve of his 30th birthday in September 2021 and named for the Phil Vassar/Tim McGraw song: My Next Thirty Years.

As a writer, Ben has written two novels which were both published independently while he was still in his early twenties. The Kraken’s Curse (2008) is a YA story of fantasy and intrigue set on the beautiful Devon coast, while Walking on Cinders (2010) is a dystopian tale of a bitter global conflict and those who are fighting in the closing days of war, both in London and France. Walking on Cinders is notable as being one of the first novels by a British author to be promoted widely on social media, selling 1000 copies as part of the ‘1000 Books to Sell Project’ in 2010/11. Ben has been working on his third novel throughout 2019/20.

For many years, Ben was self-employed as a web and graphic designer – running his own design agency, Tall Lime LTD, which was named a finalist in the ‘Best Digital Startup’ category at the Lincs Digital Awards in 2013. You can find out more about this and his other projects, in the previous work section of this site.

In March 2020, Ben combined all his interests together to embark on a new challenge, a PhD study in Music, that will see him observing female country performers and establishing the extent to which social and technological changes since the new millennium have allowed women in country music to circumnavigate traditional gatekeepers.

Heading Back to Nashville - New Single

Ben’s new single ‘Heading Back to Nashville’ is available everywhere now. The song was released on Friday 10th September, Ben’s 30th birthday. It is the first single from his upcomming second album which will be titled ‘My Next Thirty Years’ and released Spring 2022.

Ben wrote the song while reflecting on the last time he visted Nashville, a decade ago, in 2011. In 2022 Ben will return to Music City to complete his PhD Fieldwork and in this new single he wonders how things will have changed in that time. The song’s final verse makes reference to the tough times experienced in recent years, including the Coronavirus Pademic and the 2020 Christmas bombing in downtown Nashville, and hopes for a brighter future.

You can listen to the song below and find it on all good streaming platforms.

The Music That Made Podcast

In late 2020, Ben launched a new radio show and podcast called ‘The Music That Made’. It builds on a show he originally presented during his student radio days at the University of Lincoln. Each week the show is broadcast on 103 The Eye, Hermitage FM, and Potters Bar Radio in the UK.The show is also available as a podcast exclusively on Spotify, with new episodes dropping each Tuesday evening at 9pm.In this new show, each week Ben will take a deep dive into the career of one artist. He’ll look at their influences, their career highs (and lows), and who in, in turn, they went on to influence. Along the way, there will be special bonus episodes and interviews with musicians and journalists. You can listen to all the episodes broadcast so far in Season 1, below.

Cold Hard Shoulder - Ben's Debut Album

Ben’s debut album, Cold Hard Shoulder, is available everywhere now! Made up of country/folk songs that Ben has written over the past ten years, plus some new tracks that were written during the last year. The album’s first single, I Never Liked Coffee Before You, premiered on digital platforms and on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon and the full album was released on Friday 28th August.

On 26th May 2020, the single received its radio debut on BBC Radio Lincolnshire as part of the BBC Uploads project which features creative work produced during social isolation. All proceeds from the album will be donated to local NHS charities in the UK as support for their work during the pandemic.

Find out more about the album here and order your copy on CD, vinyl or digitally right now on Band Camp. The album is also available to stream on all digital platforms.

Ben Atkinson: Writer and Presenter – Showreel 2021

I could not have anticipated how much of a fantastic utility Ben has been to my studies this year and couldn’t have asked for a better person to have been mentored by. He suggested things I could do to enhance my portfolio and I would really recommend him for any student.

Jake Dungworth, 3rd Year Media Production Student, 2019

Ben was utterly dedicated to his role as brand director. He did work far beyond his role dictated and showed incredible passion for the work he did. His website design skills and back-end technical knowledge proved invaluable. A true professional.

Michael Passingham, Station Manager Brayford Radio, 2013

Ben is a strong all-rounder, from video and audio production, social media engagement, to creative writing and design. He is technically skilled using AV recording equipment, and editing software on both Mac and PC. Ben would make a superb addition to any team.

Ross Ironfield, Marketing and Communications Manager, Lincoln University Students’ Union, 2013

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