Ben R. Atkinson

Writer, Musician & Presenter


Below you will find an overview of Ben Atkinson’s work in music, including his cover songs and original music, and his debut album ‘Cold Hard Shoulder’, released in 2020. Each page is accessible from the ‘Read More’ link, so you can find out more about each topic.

An image of an acoustic guitar leaned against a tree.

Orignal Music and Cover Songs

Music has been a passion of Ben’s for many years. However, he hasn’t often shared his own music. In 2020 that all changed as Ben made a conscious decision to start recording some of his favourite cover songs and to finally start work on an album of his own music, the songs he’s been writing for over ten years.

A long tarmac road in the middle of the desert, part of the cover art for Ben's album Cold Hard Shoulder.

Cold Hard Shoulder

Ben’s debut album, Cold Hard Shoulder, features songs he has written over the course of the last decade, going right back to his early University days. The topics covered on this album are as varied as the centenary of the First World War, growing up and moving away from home, local politics, and love.