Ben R. Atkinson

Writer, Musician & Broadcaster


Writing fiction has always been Ben’s first passion. To date, he has written two novels and is working on a third. Both of his first two fiction titles, ‘The Kraken’s Curse’ (released in 2008) and ‘Walking on Cinders’ (released in 2010) were published independently with the support of Ben’s former school, King Edward VII, in Melton Mowbray.

Sadly, the school was closed in 2011 (just after it celebrated its 100th anniversary) as part of the wider reorganisation of education provision in the area. Ben was inspired to take up writing by his teachers at the school and such visionary alumni as the author Robert Harris and comedian Graham Chapman, of Monty Python fame. The King Edward VII Press label which we set up to publish both novels, is now one of the last remaining references to the school in circulation.

You can buy copies of both novels in paperback and eBook form, by following the links below. They are available across the UK, Europe and the USA.

A book cover for Ben's novel, The Kraken's Curse.
The book cover for Ben's novel, Walking on Cinders.

The Kraken’s Curse (2008)

“There’s a myth around these parts……I’m a fisherman, so I should know.” Arthur Boston is looking for a point in his life, and when he receives a letter telling him that his father has disappeared in mysterious circumstances, he realises that he must take on the burden and try to discover what really happened on that fateful night. The Dorset coastline has been plagued by a terrible myth for many years, and when Arthur returns he realises that some of his father’s closest friends are tangled up in the mystery. He is thrust into a world he doesn’t understand and forced to fight a battle that will eventually end with the greatest of sacrifices. And so a quest begins. It’s a quest that will cause everyone to question their rightful place on this planet and their allegiance to the others all around them.

Walking on Cinders (2010)

Set in London and France a short time in the future, Walking on Cinders is a rousing story that brings together three British soldiers with the unlikeliest of companions, United Forces singing sweetheart, Miss Marmalade. England’s capital has been battered by three years of bitter conflict, and the group soon find themselves at the forefront of a battle to bring the dark days of war to an end. With deceit and corruption all around, how can the comrades find peace for themselves and for war-torn Europe?

Walking on Cinders 10th Anniversary

2020, marks the 10th annivesarry of the original publication of Ben’s second work of fiction, Walking on Cinders. The novel went on to form part of the 1000 books to sell project, where Ben became one of the first authors to promote this work on social media and gained coverage in both the UK and USA. The novel is available to purchase now on Amazon around the world.

Currently, the world is in a state of flux and fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. As such, Ben wanted to do something to bring people together at this trying time. He has decided to read the entirety of Walking on Cinders in a series of live streams on his Twitter account to celebrate the anniversary.

You can follow Ben on Twitter or catch up on any videos you missed, right here on the website.