Ben R. Atkinson

The Music That Made

The Music That Made… is a brand new podcast presented by writer, radio presenter and PhD Music Student, Ben Atkinson. Ben has been writing about and presenting music radio programmes and documentaries for over twelve years in the UK and around the world.

In this new podcast, each week Ben will take a deep dive into the career of one artist. He’ll look at their influences, their career highs (and lows), and who in, in turn, they went on to influence. Along the way, there will be special bonus episodes and interviews with musicians and journalists.

The podcast is based on a documentary series that Ben both wrote and presented from 2012 – 2013. It originally aired on Brayford Radio the student radio station for the University of Lincoln, which he was also involved in founding and co-managing during the final two years of my undergraduate degree.

The premise of The Music That Made is simple. Each week, Ben delves into the background and career of a different, iconic artist from the world of popular music. The programme focuses on the artist’s early career, their influences and then moved on to cover the artists they themselves had influenced.

The Music That Made… Podcast

The Music That Made podcast airs exclusively on Spotify and you can listen to episodes below, or follow the full series in your Spotify app. Episodes of the show are also broadcast weekly on several radio stations in the UK, including 103 The Eye and Potters Bar Radio.