Ben R. Atkinson

Writer, Musician & Presenter


Below you will find an overview of Ben Atkinson’s radio work, including his long-running programme, Ben’s Country Music Show, podcasts, and radio drama. Each page is accessible from the ‘Read More’ link, so you can find out more about each topic.

Logo for Ben's Country Music Show.

Ben’s Country Music Show

In 2018, Ben’s radio programme, Ben’s Country Music Show, celebrated its 10th anniversary. That’s over 1000 hours of radio written, recorded and produced over the decade since 2008. Over the last ten years, Ben has had the opportunity to play some of his favourite music, made friends and travelled all over the UK and the USA.

Image introducing The Music That Made, a new podcast hosted by Ben Atkinson.

The Music That Made

The Music That Made… is a brand new podcast presented by writer, radio presenter and PhD Music Student, Ben Atkinson. Ben has been writing about and presenting music radio programmes and documentaries for over twelve years in the UK and around the world.

A still image from the interactive radio drama, Charlie and the Moon. Charlie is shown standing in the kitchen, lost in thought.

Charlie and the Moon

Charlie and the Moon is an interactive radio drama, designed to encourage children to listen to and enjoy radio drama in a new way. It was one of the first interactive radio dramas to take illustrations, place it alongside audio and let listeners have a choice in how the story develops.

An old fashioned radio sitting on a shelf.

Other Radio Work

Over the years Ben has worked in a wide range of different radio formats, from community and student radio, to talk radio and radio drama. I suppose it could be considered an eclectic mix of experiences, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of being involved with radio over the past decade and hope to continue broadcasting long into the future.