Ben R. Atkinson

Writer, Musician & Presenter

Original Music and Cover Songs

Music has been a passion of Ben’s for many years. Whether it be performing on stage in musical theatre or presenting his eclectic musical tastes on the radio during Ben’s Country Music Show and other programmes. However, he hasn’t often shared his own music. In 2020 that all changed as Ben made a conscious decision to start recording some of his favourite cover songs and to finally start work on an album of his own music, the songs he’s been writing for over ten years.

You can listen to some of the music Ben’s been recording on this page, including cover songs and tracks from his upcoming album, ‘Cold Hard Shoulder’, which will be released in August. Ben plays the guitar and mandolin, the songs on this record will all be written, performed and produced by him, other than a couple of cover tracks.

Cold Hard Shoulder Album

Ben’s debut album of country/folk songs, ‘Cold Hard Shoulder’, was released on the 28th of August

Ben Atkinson‚Äôs debut album of country/folk songs, Cold Hard Shoulder, is available everywhere now!  The album features tracks written over the past ten years and recorded and produced during the recent lockdown during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Listen to the album now on SpotifyiTunesAmazon MusicYouTube, and all other streaming platforms.

You can order a CD digital copy of Cold Hard Shoulder now on Bandcamp and follow Ben for all the latest updates.

Cover Songs

On his YouTube channel, Ben has been recording cover songs for the past several months including some of his favourite country/Americana songs. You can watch the videos of Ben’s cover songs below.