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New Video: Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

New Video: Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

By now you will have heard the very sad news that we lost John Prine, one of the greatest songwriters in American history, to the horrible COVID-19 virus. John was often compared to Mark Twain in terms of his lyrical talent and his songwriting was some of the best I’ve ever heard, equally as impressive as Dylan, James Taylor, Springsteen, or any other you’d care to name.

In tribute to John, I decided to record one of my favourite Prine songs. It’s just one of many tributes I’ll be paying over the next few weeks, including on my radio show Ben’s Country Music Show and the Country Lives Podcast, of course.

But here is my cover of ‘Speed of the Sound of Loneliness’, rest easy up there John, heaven has gained a superb musical talent.

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Ben R. Atkinson is a writer, musician, and presenter who can be heard broadcasting on radio stations around the world, is known for his novels, radio dramas, and who writes and performs his own music in the country/folk genre. Ben is currently studying for his PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Lincoln in the UK.