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Working 9 to 5 – Week One: Podcast 4 – The 2010s, Taylor Swift

Working 9 to 5 – Week One: Podcast 4 – The 2010s, Taylor Swift

In week one we will be engaging in a flipped learning activity. This final podcast introduces the third artist we will look at, 2010s businesswoman and country music icon, Taylor Swift. The podcast gives a brief overview of her life and career with reference to the themes we will be exploring throughout this module.

Please listen to the podcast further down this page and make some notes related to the three key questions below:

  • To what extent do you feel that gender has played a role in the success of this particular artist, what makes you think that? Would the path to success be easier/harder in the artist were of the opposite gender?
  • To what extent does this artist use gender to their advantage? How do they do this? Why do they do it?
  • To what extent do you agree with the idea that most female artists in country music have to maintain other business and creative interests alongside their musical careers in order to remain successful/relevant.

Provide a brief outline and explanation of your answers to the above questions (minimum 150 words). Post this as a comment below the video.

Now that you have listened and responded to all of the podcast, you should spend some time conducting your own independent research as outlined in the helpsheet. Please remember you need to identify your own choice of female artist which you would like to focus on for the summative assessment.  We will discuss your responses to each podcast and your own independent research, in the seminar for this week.

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